Window Dandelions


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Side A - Song 8


8) Window Dandelions

All May-Lee-outie-naval’s friends want their chance at Mistah Fuckah. He’s rich. He’s white. & he’s Mario’s best friend, Mario-most-handsome-lips-so-large-&-red-&-incredibly-suckable-looking-even-men-get-the-urge-but-they’d-be-destroyed-if-they-ever-tried-to. One rock-shrine-body of a man, & May-Lee-mate’s always there, hornier than a rabbit, completely nude, running it all, screwing one girl & one Mistah Fuckah, too.
& of course, soon enough, Mario finds out, ‘cuz this much nubility & every Belizean hears. They call it, “Say, say, say.” But they never tell my likable, friendly wife, know I am Gorilla Burns’ Rambo & a Burns-I is not a good guy to mess with & Mario wants some of this action. He’s known already as a prodigious spunker, 27 years old, 23 children, 900 girlfriends & the woman he always screams at from his pick-up truck whenever he sees her without the kids in tow, “Go home, bitch! Go home! No make I drag you home, bitch! Where you fucking kids?” His dumpy wife, Marlina.
& I don’t know shit about doing a guy’s wild sister right there where he can watch, but he doesn’t care that I’m fucking May-Lee-his-silly-sister. He isn’t gonna. He wants the other imp, says, “You doing one fine thing with this name, Fuckah-Johnny-boy.”
So now May-Lee-Barbie-on-whooping-gas-with-friends is bringing two sweet persimmons to every slam-a-rooski & May-Lee-tweaky digs lying on her back under the girls, tugging off Patricia-thin-skin undies & fondling Debbie-nipples-but-no-tits, chewing Sue-Sue-lemon-thong-rabbit-tooth-never-says-a-word-I-ever-hear-but-moans-&-groans-&-oohs-&-aahs-&-giggles-throughout. She also digs lying F.M.-built on the floor & driving her own hot crease onto F.M.-suck-mouth, May-Lee-facing-me, jacking off F.M.-squirm while I muscle crane into F.M.-pin-hole. Gets mad when I start calling Patricia-lumpy,
“Kristi! Kristi! Kristi!” May-Lee-fuck-that-fucking-Cinderella-stealing-fucking-Kristi-bitch-always-wants-to-come-back-say-you-she-wish-come-true-me-hate-that-slut-man-doll-always-steal-I-boys-from-I! I quiet her by stabbing into her grease.
She really digs peeling apart her girlfriend’s cheeks. One hand helps stuff me into them, asks them, “How’s that feel? Him give you one thick, batty-pricky, no true?”
& I don’t know shit about group sex, but Sue Sue always wears a micro-mini, no panties, carries thongs in her purse, every color known to man, pouts at me. May-Lee-tell-ya-what-to-do, makes me slowly slip a pair onto Sue-Sue-slick-tickle-clit-revealing-hem-line, then commands I pierce them both, Sue-Sue-still-in-body-tight-micro-mini, ‘cuz, “Sue-Sue-thong, she shy.”
May-Lee-single-bed, beneath her, spooning & pulling the sequined thong away enough for cock-attack.
“First one in Sue-Sue-thong, next one in me...May-May... Sue Sue...good!...good!”
Sue Sue, “ughs!” after every stoke & never comes.
“Me-me...Thong-thong...Me-me! You have to & you know why!”
& I don’t know shit about secrets, but she is not who I’m worried about. See, I am worried about Snitch ‘cuz Snitch is an idiot who crucifies truth for a profit & he appears to be itching to tell Mary Beth. Mario says Snitch is jealous about May-Lee-continuous-fire-trying-to-last-for-a-lifetime-who-so-often-demands-I-only-shoot-into-May-Lee-spithole-gobbling-snatch-holding-me-inside-her-no-release-no-removal-giving-the-other-girl-no-spitty-spit-at-all. Like she tears me out of Patricia-vast-unspewable-swampland, takes my whitie egg-breakers inside of herself, saying, “ already married, Patricia.” Has me lick Debbie-cheekless-ass-swollen-labia while she grips Debbie’s nose-bigger-than-her-face into her pussy. She stares at my eyes as I fuck but, “No come in Debbie, Mistah Fuckah. Shoot in May-May, boy.”
I switch stations. Debbie-not-even-90-lbs. is pushed off & I’m stuffing May-Lee-floor-mat. I sigh, “...Kristi...Kristi...”
“Fuck Kristi, Fuckah! Stop you talk! You poking May-May, boy! Kristi-thief-skinny-bitch! No teary-teary, Debbie. You too young for pickny, Debbie. Nah, nah. Hush up, Pigtail.”
Debbie-ripped-off is sobbing...cripes! I jerk out & cram it into Debbie-swollen-tiny-baby-maker-surprise-claims-she’s-18-fine, & I fuck her cunt rapidly, expelling come grenades, rocket-launcher style, crying, “Kristi...”
I don’t care how much May-Lee-envy slaps me, screams, “I call Mary-hoggy, you no stop!”
I’m right back at her, “Call Mary Beth & no Mistah Fuckah babies for you, May Lee!”
I stay hard & only finish thrusting once Debbie-no-ass-at-all-just-legs-going-into-her-back is limp & belly-smashed, unable to move her ropy, spindle legs & I am empty.


from DON'T KNOW SHIT - SIDE A&B, released April 10, 2013
bill bailey
patrick mckinnon
howlin' andy hound
melvin johnson



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