Side B - Song 10


10) Snitch

Mario says Snitch wants in on this, too. I realize it’s safer if we let him, so I tell May-Lee-hustler, “We need three Miss-skinny-thongies on days we decide to let Snitch have some.”
Which isn’t often ‘cuz, “My friends say Snitch. Him ishy...”
& I don’t know shit about personnel decisions but the day after one of our Burns-I boys suddenly dies, Mission sees his big chance to fuck Fuckah over for good if he lies really theater for an audience named Snitch, so Snitch comes to my house to kill me. His girlfriend, shy & strangely interested, in the background, here to watch. Mission has convinced Snitch that I murdered our Burns-I dead boy with some toxic, snake-venom poison I slathered on his steering wheel, causing him massive heart attacks every couple of minutes until he died, & for that, Snitch has come here to kill me in front of the kids & Mary-Beth-shocked.
He has a gun.
No one in this city ever carries a gun, ‘cuz that’s, “Chicago-shit,” but Snitch is completely fucked up & he does have a gun. He slams my head against the concrete door jam. Stars in my vision & still I consider pushing him over the balcony railing, but he’s too hammered, will bounce on his neck, break nothing, quickly arise, roar up the stairs then kill us all for sure so I begin talking rapidly, non-stop, on & on & on. Get him to sit down on the bench with me. Eventually convince him that whether he kills me or not, “Gorilla’s gonna come after you, Snitch. & he will find you. & the rest won’t be pretty. You’d better start running. Don't worry, I won’t tell anyone, no, ‘Say, say, say.’ You better start running, Snitch...run now!”
Enlightenment occurs & he does run, but it doesn’t save him. He’s caught, off-guard, outside a club in L.A., is turned into Snitch-feed-ocean-corpse. Yes-I.


from DON'T KNOW SHIT - SIDE A&B, released April 10, 2013
bill bailey
patrick mckinnon
jordan (deathhook) bissell
kate (illy kay) harrison



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