F​.​M. Dial




Side B - Song 9


9) F.M. Dial

& I don’t know shit about repercussions but, “Mistah Fuckah, so many pissies want you spitty-spit! But, we only fuck F.M. alone. No laughy, Fuckah. & no call her that other bitch-name. You know which, ‘cuz I you missy-baby-doll, but I’m F.M.’s missy-baby-doll, too & I no share F.M. pussy-ooie with nobody. No ooie!”
My boys understand how to run the sound systems by now. I only have to pretend I am working, so I say, “Sure, little ooie, I got all the time we need.”
She leads me to F.M.-long-paste-on-lashes-two-hours-worth-of-make-up’s shack every couple of days, & that’s fine with me ‘cuz F.M.-high-heels is well-hung everywhere, always in bra-less tanks & bright rubber bikini bottoms. F.M.-busty always powders me up good, ‘cuz she, “No want you stinky-icky man-smell...pukey!”
Today, May-Lee-miss-one-street-could-go-anywhere-but-never-does-&-only-fuck-F.M.-in-she-pooie-not-she-girls-only-ooie-(I try ooie once & Miss-rubber-butt elbows my ribs so bam!-bam! I stop ‘cuz I can’t breathe & think she broke at least one) leans herself against the wall, face-on-face with F.M.-weight-lifter, hauls F.M.-puff-bum’s yellow tighties down just enough so I can squeeze in. The women are hungrily mouth-to-mouth, have me give it to them standing up. Soon my dick lifts F.M.-glass-clear-high-heel-feet off the floor, crushes her. & up & down are always straining toward each other so I just hold that writher there. She squirms insanely & May-Lee-slimy-slash-guzzle-long-skinny-snake-tongue is clutching & heaving. We raise F.M.-backbone-length-hair even higher.
& I don’t know shit about pissing your swimsuit, but that’s when F.M.-pisser usually does it...slack, full-flush. May-Lee-pissy-piss calls it, “Sexy,” & I’m gripped with F.M.-muscular inside her sopping, rubber bikini, ‘cuz, “Rubber the only kind I own.”
Her hanging humps convulse as I pump & pump & pump, then we squash her like lunch meat. At last, I set her down, spewing May-Lee-me-second’s pussy.
I always want one of their kisses, but never get one.


from DON'T KNOW SHIT - SIDE A&B, released April 10, 2013
bill bailey
patrick mckinnon
vincent cadillac



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